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Q&A + Fees Details


The committee are pleased to announce that over 90 members have committed to the Club going forward as a 9 Hole course for 2018/19 season.



Playing Restrictions


£408.00 (£34 pm)


New Ordinary

£252.00 (£21 pm)


Associate (re categorised as Ordinary)

£408.00 (£34 pm)


Midweek (re categorised as Ordinary)

£408.00 (£34 pm)


Senior (30) no new entries

£350.00 (£29 pm)


Senior (40) no new entries

£204.00 (£17 pm)


Young intermediate
(26 – 29 years on 1st March)

£252.00 (£21 pm)


Youth Intermediate
(19 - 25 years on 1st March)

£150.00 (£12.50 pm)


Junior 16 – 18 years on 1st March

 £60.00 (£5 pm)


Junior Under 16


*Junior 12-16 No Tee-off after 6 pm unless accompanied by an Adult
*Junior U12 must be accompanied by an Adult.




Q & A

Questions will be posted when received. 

Answers will be posted ASAP



Will there be a charge for paying monthly?


What are the proposed locker fees?

The same as last year.

Who will be the greenkeeper?

Iain McDonald will take care of this temporarily until March.

Who will tidy the clubhouse/locker rooms?

We will require volunteers - This means you!

If you see something then please tidy it then and there if possible. It's the only way for now.

How will the consumables be acquired?

The committee will look after this.

What will be required of every member?

Just to pay fees as normal, and if you have time, even an hour per week, you could help with some of the general upkeep.

I have some time/expertise/skill in certain areas. How can I help?

If you see a gap in some aspect of the smooth running of the club, and you are able to provide assistance in this area then please volunteer your services.

I would like to help out a couple of hours a week, but I don't want to be on a committee.

Do I have to be?

No. Any assistance to keep the club running is appreciated, and every member could contribute an hour here and there, then most day to day tasks won't become a backlog.

What type of refreshments will be available?

We would like to staff the clubhouse at weekends and peak times with volunteers to sell soft drinks, crisps and perhaps filled rolls.

We intend to have a kettle, tea, coffee, milk etc daily with an honesty box for payment.

How will visitors be able to book if no one is there to answer the phones?

We will have the phone checked on a daily basis where possible, and will check the internet bookings daily.

Is there any guarantee we won't have the same problems this time next year?

No. However there will no redundancy payments next year, and as we will not let the Club get into any debt members will not be liable for anything.


How will 9-holes work for competitions etc?

It is still a measured course so 2 rounds can still count towards handicaps. We would also like to start 9 hole competitions.

Given the small number of playing members, can we have some different types of competition that bring everyone up at the same time?

We would welcome any members' suggestions, after all it is your club, and any idea will be considered.

Will Ladies Competitions be allowed on a regular Saturday now?

Ladies will now be full members with equal rights, therfore they can now hold a competition on any day.





















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