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If you currently hold a CONGU handicap, can you please assist us by providing a copy of your Handicap Certificate. If you are not in possession of a current CONGU handicap the instructions on how to obatain a handicap, if you wish to acquire one, are as follows:

  • To obtain a handicap you must sign and submit cards for 54 holes, these can be a combination of 9 hole rounds or 18 hole rounds. Scores can be submitted from the Red or White tees but this must be marked on the card, each of which must be countersigned by a player with a current SG/CONGU handicap.
  • For computing purposes, please state on each card your First and Surname, the date played, the countersigning member's name and mark your cards "For Handicap" and number them 1, 2, 3 in order played.

You may not play for a handicap during a competition without prior consent from the match and handicap committee. You MUST NOT lift the ball into the rough if playing for a handicap during the winter rules period and there can be NO winter greens in operation.

Please note that a handicap may not be allocated until you have reached a reasonable standard of golf.

Once your handicap has been allocated and added to the computer software and dispalyed on the master handicap list, you are then entitled to enter the Club's competitions.

  • To enter a competition, you must enter your details in the competition entry book in the locker room, and place your entry fee into an envelope with Your Name, Competition Name, Date and Cash Quantity written clearly on the front of the envelope. This envelope should then be posted into the Competition Entry Box.
  • Having played in an individual competion you must return a scorecard and enter that score into the computer in the clubhouse, regardless of the score. All No Returns must be entered into the computer. Your fellow members can assist you with the computer if need be.

We hope you enjoy competitive play at the Club, do not hesistate to contact us if you have any questions.