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Winter League Booking

You must book to play using the Scottish Golf App. no matter when you intend to play, and this includes the Saturday and Sunday morning competitions.

Competition Tee Times have been set up for Saturdays and Sundays, and you enter the competition using the App, and once that is confirmed the App will allow you to choose a time slot.
If you don't have access to the App you can do this on a computer too from this link
Booking Times - remember you have to sign in to the booking site to be able to enter the competition

For Saturday and Sunday Competitions you will notice that some of the slots are marked "Reservation: Gents Competition in Progress" before 10:50am

This is to allow the guys teeing off earlier to get through the 10th tee before the next slot begins at the first.


The Winter League competition is not official, and won't affect your Handicap Index. This means there is no competition entry or score recording online.

There is no weekly sweep or twos prize.

To enter this winter competition you must apply as  team of two to the match committee. The best 5 scores over the winter from each of the two players is totalled and the highest score will win.


Due to COVID restrictions, the locker room and clubhouse are closed, so two households only are permitted, and the scores should be relayed to the organisers as soon as is practical on the day, either by photograph, text message or WhatsApp etc.

Weekly competition card entry normally consists of putting a card in the match room letterbox which will be  clearly marked with each player in a particular column -
It is requested that you try and enter only one card per time slot, i.e 2, 3 or 4 players per card.

This is to adhere to the restrictions in place for the duration of the COVID pandemic.

This card is to be put in the Match Room letterbox as normal.

The match committee will take responsibility for entering and confirming the scores so please:
a) Make sure the Winter League handicap for all players in the group is on the card beside their name.
b) Record the number of strokes for all players in the group in separate columns- the Stableford points will be calculated by the computer.



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