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From 2nd November 2020, Beith Golf Club are operating 'Winter Rules' for all play.

No play from fairways unless played from a mat.

If you do not have a mat, you must take the ball 2 club lengths into the rough and place the ball.

Marker posts for 2 club lengths are in place within the rough

White lines have been marked out on the course between the 6th and 8th to indicate area within which a ball can be played - note these lines may not always be visible due to weather conditions

If your ball lands in the rough, it must be played as it lies.

If your ball lies on the fairway beyond the white marker posts near the green, you may play the ball as it lies.

It is suggested that on the 1st, if you don't have a mat, that you go across to the right side of the fairway and place the ball there.

Please protect the course by adhering to these rules.

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