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Beith Golf Club has registered all members with Scottish Golf to allow members to use VMS (Venue Management System) for the booking of tee times for themselves and their guests, entering competitions and making payments of guest fees.

Members should download Scottish Golf’s App using one of the following links. 

Once the App is downloaded, Sign In using the email address you provided to the Club.  If you do not know your password, Click Forgotten Password.  Your password will be sent to your email address. Contact the Club if you find that the system does not recognise your email address.

To assist our members with becoming familiar with VMS, we have created a number of guidance documents and provided access to Scottish Golf videos, all of which can be accessed by clicking on the relevant hyperlink below:

 Guidance Documents: Using Scottish Golf's APP and Website booking

  1. How to Download Scottish Golf's App, Sign In and check Personal Details
  2. How to book a tee time using the Club's Website
  3. How to deal with Membership Notification fees in the App
  4. How to Top-Up your General Account in the App (General Account is used to pay competition entry and guest fees)
  5. How to Enter a Competition and Pay Entry Fees on your App
  6. How to Submit Scores under General Play Score
  7. How to Access Club Document in the App
  8. How to Log on To the Club iPad using your QR Code 

 Guidance Videos: Scottish Golf's Video Guides

  1. How to Enter a Competition using the Scottish Golf App
  2. How to book a tee time using Scottish Golf's App
  3. How To Enter Scores using the Scottish Golf App

Links to Booking Sheets