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Rules of Golf App

Golf is a self-regulating game and it is the responsibility of all golfers to apply the Rules which provide the framework for the way it is played.

R&A now have an App so that golfer can have easy access an electronic version of the Rules of Golf.  The App can be downloaded to an iPhone, iPad and Android phones.  This will enable you to browse and search the 2019 Rules of Golf pages which contain everything you need to know on the Rules of Golf.  It contains full details of the Rules of Golf, the Player’s Edition and the Official Guide as well as nearly 30 diagrams and how-to videos that help to explain the Rules and gives guidance for many common situations. 

Other features include:

  • Improved Search Functionality
  • A Visual Search – to help you quickly find the Rule you need
  • Rules of Golf Quiz
  • A Rules Essentials Section which includes animated videos of the Top 10 Rules

Download the App from Apple App Store for iphone and ipad: click here to get App from Apple Store

Download the App from Google play for Android phones: click here to get App on Google play