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The 2023/24 Winter League Scores



Winter League 2023/2024

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Team Scores Team Total Summary Individual Scores All Team Scores Handicaps and Cuts  
Saturday 28th
Sunday 29th
Saturday 4th
Sunday 5th
Saturday 11th
Sunday 12th
Saturday 18th
Sunday 19th
Saturday 25th
Sunday 26th
Saturday 2nd
Sunday 3rd
Saturday 9th
Sunday 10th
Saturday 16th
Sunday 17th
Saturday 23rd
Sunday 24th
Saturday 30th
Sunday 31st
Saturday 6th
Sunday 7th
Saturday 13th
Sunday 14th
Saturday 20th
Sunday 21st
Saturday 27th
Sunday 28th
Saturday 3rd
Sunday 4th
Saturday 10th
Sunday 11th
Saturday 17th
Sunday 18th
Saturday 24th
Sunday 25th
Saturday 2nd
Sunday 3rd
Saturday 9th
Sunday 10th
Saturday 16th
Sunday 17th
Saturday 23rd
Sunday 24th
Saturday 30th
Sunday 31st

Winter League Handicaps start with half of your 18 hole handicap. No Winter League round counts towards your 18 hole handicap.

The "par" for the 12 holes is 24 Stableford points, so we have decided that anybody scoring 26 or better on any week will be cut by the amount decided by this chart. e.g. if you have a handicap of 6 and score 30 points (!) that would make you 6 better than 24, so you'd be cut by 0.6 for that score. The playing handicaps will be updated for the next time you play.

How cuts are applied

The Winter League

The Winter League competition is not official, and won't affect your Handicap Index.


To enter this winter competition you must apply as  team of two to the match committee, and pay to enter using the App by choosing the competition from the Events tab.

The best 5 scores over the winter from each of the two players is totalled and the highest score will win.

Weekly competition card entry consists of putting a card in the box beside the iPad and should be clearly marked with each player in a particular column - It is requested that you try and enter one card per time slot, i.e 2, 3 or 4 players per card, and the cards are designed as such.

The match committee will take responsibility for confirming the scores so please:

a) Make sure the Winter League handicap for all players in the group is on the card beside their name.
b) Record the number of strokes for all players in the group in separate columns- the Stableford points will be calculated by the computer.

Winter Course Rules

Beith Golf Club are operating 'Winter Rules' for all play.

No play from fairways unless played from a mat.

Once your ball is BEYOND the white posts on grass cut to fairway height, you may take a preferred lie or you can use your winter mat.

White lines have been marked out on the course between the 6th and 8th to indicate area within which a ball can be played - note these lines may not always be visible due to weather conditions

Preferred lies are in operation in the fairway only.

If not using a mat, you must take the ball at least 2 club lengths into the rough and place the ball.

It is suggested that on the 1st, if you don't have a mat, that you go across to the right side of the fairway and place the ball there.

When Winter greens are in operation, all bunkers are deemed GUR.

Please protect the course by adhering to these rules.