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Forthcoming Events

Sat Jun 13
Gents Fixture
JLK Classic

Sat Jun 20
Gents Fixture
Eglinton Trophy

Mon Jun 22
Gents Fixture
Matchplay Championship Quarter-Finals

Wed Jun 24
Gents Fixture
Matchplay Championship Semi-Finals

Sat Jun 27
Gents Fixture
St Inan's Trophy

Sun Jun 28
Gents Fixture
Matchplay Championship Final

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Electronic application

If you wish to apply by email, please create your email with the details requested above, and send your completed application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Postal Application

You should print this form out, fill in your details, and post to:

The Secretary
Beith Golf Club, Threepwood Road, Beith KA15 2JR
Phone Number: 01505 503166

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1. Click the printer icon on the top right of this page to open the application form in PDF format.

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